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Melanie Martines


My name is Melanie Martines, and I am an avid horse racing fan. I love the sport, and would consider myself more than just a casual fan. I’ve always enjoyed Photography, but suddenly realized how much I loved taking photos of these beautiful equine athletes. My love has grown into a passion for being behind the camera at a race track. I started bringing my camera to the race track back in 2009. It was not until mid-2014 that I became credentialed to shoot at the racetrack. Through the years, my work has evolved and seeing my personal growth in my photos have been self-rewarding. I am a self-thought photographer and I am constantly growing as an Artist. I travel to the race tracks in California as much as I can to photograph the races and I wish to build a name for myself as a Sports Photographer in the Horse Racing Industry. I have most recently began traveling internationally, and have traveled to Dubai to shoot the 2016 Dubai World Cup Races and to Toronto Canada to shoot the 2016 Woodbine Mile Races.  I enjoy photographing both racing and candid shots, and use professional Canon equipment. Being behind the lens, and capturing that magical shot is what I love to do. My goal is to capture an emotion in each photograph, and create images that express the strength and competitiveness of these wonderful equine athletes. I hope my images will help others discover the beauty of this sport.  

Not only do I follow these beautiful horses on the race track, but I am also very passionate about these horses after their career ends. I am an advocate of supporting Thoroughbred Rescue Organizations in saving horses that are being shipped for slaughter. Together with other “racing angels” we rescue these horses from their awful circumstance giving them a chance to find a forever home. I try to do this as much as I can because I truly believe together, we can make a difference.

***Please do not use my photos without permission from me first. They are meant for personal viewing and may be used for EDITORIAL PURPOSES ONLY.

****My Breeders' Cup photos are for sale. If you would like to purchase photos, please contact me.

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